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  • Made entirely from AISI-304 stainless steel, austenitic grade 18/8 Stainless steel (18% Chromium with 8% Nickel)
  • Salt spray testing over 500 hours for red rust formation.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Ideal for various industrial applications.
  • Material is W2 grade with a 430 stainless steel Hexavalent Chromium-Free screw which is RoHs compliant.
  • Ideal for automotive applications, auto parts aftermarket and mechanical engineering.
  • Salt spray testing over 144 hours for red rust formation.
  • Band and Bridge made by 430 stainless steel.
  • Zinc plated screw.
  • Salt spray testing over 144 hours for red rust formation.
  • Designed with three spot welding on the underside of the band.
  • Higher strength for applications which require a high tightening torque or reinforced thick wall hose.
  • Contain 10 pcs of ORBIT MULTI BAND HOSE CLIPS W3 (430SS) in one set.
  • Comes with one roll of 10 meters raised edge band and 10 sets of housings.
  • Can be cut to length to fit with any sizes of hose above 2"/
  • Material chosen is in AISI-430 and 430 grade screw which complies with RoHs directives,
  • Salt spray testing over 400 hours for red rust formation.
  • Grips the pipe tight and forms a solid support.
  • Permits flexible movement of the pipe in any horizontal direction.
  • Clip lock is included onto the bolt.
  • Can withstand the temperature of up to 230 Celcius.
  • Can withstand maximum deadweight of 16 Kilograms.


  • Manufactured and tested according to British Standard 5315:1991.
  • The band is processed to erase any burrs at the edged.
  • The band thread is cold formed and results in smooth surface underside.
  • The housing is riveted for extra strength.