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  • Manufacturered according to DIN standard
  • Made of chrome vanadium alloy steel(Cr-V) with strict heat treament.
  • 72 teeth ratcheting system
  • Strict heat treament and chrome plating surface.
  • TPR material randle
  • Packed by plastic hanger
  • Made of Chrome vanadium alloy steel
  • Strict head treatment to ensure hardness and torque
  • Black finish for anti-rust performance
  • Packed by sliding card
  • 10" re-sharpenable high carbon steel blades. 
  • Fully heat treated for best cutting
  • Blade with punching hole to reduce unnecessary weight
  • Upper blade is non-stick Teflon coated to ease cutting
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers help to reduce the jarring conclusion at the end of cuts
  • Comfortable Bi-material plastic and TPR grip
  • Packed by paper hanger and color label
  • Manufactured from Japan fully automatic machine for most sharp and precision teeth
  • Made of 0.9mm SK-5 hign carbon steel
  • Foldable saw blade, convenience to be stored in toolbox
  • 9TPI, give faster cut. Suitable for tree branch
  • Strong handle with foldable function for easy carry
  • Packed by sliding card
  •   Hight efficiency transfer from medium to high viscosity materials in a wide variety of home improvement projects
  •   Well processing for air cap set, nozzle needle for fine atomization
  •   Durable nozzle needle offer stable performances for long terms.
  • Cutting jaw made of Chrome Molybdenum alloy steel
  • Heat treated cutting jaw at HRC56-60
  • Suitable for cutting metal/aluminum/copper sheet, 
  • Stainless steel sheet, vinyl, steel mesh, zinc etc.
  • Able to cut cloth and then back to cut metal again
  • Packed by sliding card

PUMPKIN OSAKA Short Hex Wrench Ball Key Set 

  • Hex key with ball point, PTT-HKB9S,
  • Material made of S2 steel
  • Strict heat treatment to ensure maximum 
  • Torque and life time
  • Both ends are magnetized
  • Soft and lockable TPR Hanger
  • Packed by sliding card


PUMPKIN Extra Long Hex Wrench Ball Key Set

  • Hex key
  • Material made of CRV
  • Strict heat treatment to ensure maximum
  •  Torque and life time
  • Both ends are magnetized
  • Hanger with belt clip
  • Packed by sliding card
  • V Shape for easy use on tubes
  • Magnetic base to hold on steel surface
  • Made of 100% new ABS plastic material
  • Accuracy:1.0mm/m
  • 3 Vial for  45° 90° 180°measuring
  • Packed by sliding card
  • With length measuring scale
  • With shock abosorb end cap
  • Accuracy: 1.0mm/m
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • 3 Vial for 45° 90° 180° measuring
  • Powder coating surface
  • Packed by color sleeve
  • Anti-slip release make your work convenient
  • The locking force can be tighting by using of Hex key at the rear screw
  • Made of CR-Mo on both jaw and handle
  • The jaws are drop forged and heat treated ot ensure hardness of each teeth
  • Nickel plated for anti-corrosive
  • Curve jaw good for rounding surface including hex shape such as nuts
  • Suitable for welding work shop and all metal working
  • Packed by sliding card
  • Handle made of heavy duty l-beam shape iron die-cast
  • Steel jaw and adjusting nut made of Chrome Molybdenum(Cr-Mo) with heat treated.
  • Packed by color sleeve