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很多有健身的朋友, 家里都会有一对重量不轻不重的哑铃, 固定的也好或者是可以增加重量的。 但你是不是有时候会很懒得去换重量盘?尤其是你需要做drop set的时候, 来来回回, 是不是很POTONG STEAM?!?

现在你只需要一对可调节哑铃, 就可以满足你所有健身重量需求!!!从最小重量到max 24KG, 转一转就行, 让你增肌路更方便 ! (嘘。。。比较跟买一整套hexagon dumbell, 这价格简直就是太便宜了!)

Normally there are many body builders will have a pairs of dumbell at home, either fixed weight or manual adjustable one. However often time we are too lazy to change the weight of the plate of dumbell, especially if we do drop set. Of course we can just buy a whole set of hexagon dumbell with fixed weight, but that would cost a lot !!

The simple solution, you just need a pair of easy to use hassle free dumbell, switch weight on the fly, save cost , suitable for beginner to pro body builders!